terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

eton edicius

body is tired and my eyes have no more tears to cry
i fell so tyred....
i wanna sleep...
just came and let me belive once again that dreams can came true

do you realy exist?
please came and save me once more
because i fell going down again
no strength to lift me up this time
let me fell again the happiness i once felt
were did it went,
just vanish true my fingers
always slipping away

why do i always keep doing it again
this time i wont cut my veins
i wont cry i wont fell no pain
i will rest and fall asleep
just waiting to be save

Um comentário:

  1. "this time i wont cut my veins " you shouldn't even consider it ... dear !

    Loved it =)

    "i wont cry i wont feel no pain
    i will rest and fall asleep"
    sometimes I wish to fell asleep forever, or for many days... because it hurts so much to wake up sometimes..