quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

my unfaithful mirror

I did it again
I can’t stop it
I’m too weak
and the addiction is too strong
am I sick, am I wrong?
just one more time I say
the last one I swear
but then it all comes back
and I become prisoner of my own will , of my own weakness
when it will all end?
tomorrow, I say , tomorrow will be another day.
why do I do it ? I don’t know why.
the mirror betrays me every time I see it
(and) I hate what i see
I hate when they look at me.
who am I beneath this mask
how can I be better , how can I be perfect
how can I love myself?
help me to stop it
help me to heal and not do it again
i promise I will stop it, I promise I will
but not today , maybe tomorrow, maybe some day
but not yet; not today...

mirror, mirror on the wall
tell me who’s the prettiest of all
not me , not at all,
that’s the poison I’m feeling with
and I have to throw it away
don’t know how to stop this
don’t know how it started and how to end
just one more time , it will be the last time ,
one more time I say, before the days ends I will be clean again

sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

my thoughts

in my loneliness i search for the truth
afraid to open my eyes, afraid to see
afraid to open the door, afraid to lose
try to be strong but I'm weak ,
try to be brave, but I'm too sad
where did my dreams went to , i do not know where
i only know the cold and the emptiness from my darkest dreams
where do the fairies rest when they are sad?
to where do the angels fly when they are tired?
so tired of disappointment...
show me the other side where we can rest and cry
close to your world where i can feel human again