quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

my unfaithful mirror

I did it again
I can’t stop it
I’m too weak
and the addiction is too strong
am I sick, am I wrong?
just one more time I say
the last one I swear
but then it all comes back
and I become prisoner of my own will , of my own weakness
when it will all end?
tomorrow, I say , tomorrow will be another day.
why do I do it ? I don’t know why.
the mirror betrays me every time I see it
(and) I hate what i see
I hate when they look at me.
who am I beneath this mask
how can I be better , how can I be perfect
how can I love myself?
help me to stop it
help me to heal and not do it again
i promise I will stop it, I promise I will
but not today , maybe tomorrow, maybe some day
but not yet; not today...

mirror, mirror on the wall
tell me who’s the prettiest of all
not me , not at all,
that’s the poison I’m feeling with
and I have to throw it away
don’t know how to stop this
don’t know how it started and how to end
just one more time , it will be the last time ,
one more time I say, before the days ends I will be clean again

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